Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Week 14 - May 1 & 3

Tuesday: Native-American Folk and Fairy Tales
Read: “How Men and Women Got Together” (68-72);
“Deer Hunter and White Corn Maiden” (121-123);
“The Orphan Boy and the Elk Dog” (220-227)
“The Flying Head (233-234)
“How Mosquitoes Came to Be” (350-351)
“The End of the World (474-475) (All on Blackboard under Course Documents)

Thursday: Review, Evaluations

Blog Entry 14:  This is your final blog. In this blog, please reread all blogs you have written and reflect about what you have done and learned in the semester. How did you like the material covered? Was it challenging for you? Did you spend enough time reading the required material? Etc.  Blog is due by Thursday, May 4.

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