Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week 11 – April 10 & 12

Tuesday: Hans Christian Andersen
Read: “Introduction: Hans Christian Andersen” (212-216)
“The Little Mermaid” (216-232)
“The Red Shoes” (241-245)
Oscar Wilde
Read: “Introduction: Oscar Wilde“ (246-250)
“The Selfish Giant” (250-253)
“The Happy Prince” (253-260)
“The Nightingale and the Rose (261-265)
Reports 15: Jack Zipes “Hans Christian Andersen & the Discourse of the Dominated,” pp. 81-104

Thursday: 1001 Nights and More: Arabic Folk and Fairy Tales
READ: 1001 Nights, pp 1-16 & “Tales of Goha” on Blackboard
Films: Watch one of the following DVDs on Reserve in the library:
1. “The thousand and one nights.” # 0185, v.9
2. “The thousand and one nights: a historical perspective” # 0727
3. “Arabian Nights” DVD 1413
Report 16: Bruno Bettelheim, “Sindbad the Seaman and Sindbad the Porter,” and “The Frame Story of 1001 Nights,” pp. 83-90.

Blog Entry 11: This entry should be either about Arabic Folktales: What makes Arabic folk and fairy tales unique? How are they different from others we have read? Or about either Hans Christian Anderson’s or Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales. How are these tales similar or different from the other stories we have read? What is unique about them? Blog is due by Sunday, April 15.

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