Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 9 – March 28 & 30

Tuesday: Villains: “Bluebeard”
Read: “Introduction: Bluebeard" (138-144);
Charles Perrault, "Bluebeard" (144-148)
Brothers Grimm, "Fitcher's Bird" (148-151)
Brothers Grimm, "The Robber Bridegroom" (151-154)
Joseph Jacobs, "Mr. Fox" (154-156)
Report 14: Maria Tatar: “The Attractions of “Bluebeard”: The Origins & Fortunes of a Folktale,” in: Secrets beyond the Door, pp. 11-66 (many pictures). On Blackboard under Course Documents.

Thursday: Jewish Folktale Tradition
READ: “The Rabbi Who Was Turned into a Werewolf”
“A Dispute in Sign Languages”
“The Rabbi and the Inquisitor”
“Chelm Justice”
“The Magic Mirror of Rabbi Adam”;
“It Could Always be Worse”
(All tales are on Blackboard under Course Documents)
Blog Entry 9: This entry should be either about Bluebeard as a villain: Which of the Bluebeard tales we have read did you like the most? Why? Please elaborate and include quotes from the tale to prove your point of view; OR about Jewish Folktale tradition (How are these tales similar or different from the other stories we have read? What is unique about them?) Blog is due by Sunday, April 1.

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